Braided Mimots are monkeylike creatures that live in treetops.

Description Edit

Braided mimots have humanoid bodies covered with striped fur. They have four limbs, each with grasping hands with fingers similar to humans, except that the thumb is positioned in the same way as the rest of the fingers. They have long clinging tails to help them climb. Their faces are hairless, unlike the rest of their heads, and they resemble ghosts. The snout of a braided mimot is rounded like a dome, and their nose is positioned at the top and the mouth in the middle. Braided mimots are generally what Elves would call 'chubby' if directed at another Elf.

Background Edit

Braided mimots make hooting and cackling sounds and live in the treetops around Mount Mystbane. They leap from branch to branch and are pack animals. They play simple games as in 'chase the leader'.

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