Cyndred was a Drefid fanatic on Earth during The Tide of Unmaking. When Gwar General Eragor showed signs of bargaining with the Elves, he slew him, but was himself slain by Lord Hamandar Nightwing.

Description Edit

Cyndred, like all Drefids, had pale skin, long white hair, and eyes like dark pits, with white pupils burning like flames. He could summon claws from his knuckles at will. One of his claws was broken off during the last battle on Earth at Grand Central.

Background Edit

Cyndred was a Drefid in Asp Bloodthorne's confidence who was a master of the Dark Arts. His weakness was his big mouth, and he revealed a double plan of Asp's to the Elven Lords, confident that they could not stop it. He also tried to take control after the deaths of Eragor and Asp, but was slain by the Elves.

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