Pronunciation: DRECKS
Gender: Male
Race: Nemic
Occupation: Servant of Allyra

Dhrex was a Nemic Priest who attended the Conclave of Nations with Vault Minister Ghrell. Conflicted between loyalty to his people and the preservation of life, Dhrex betrayed Tere Solium in informing the Elves of Berinfell of Ghrell's imminent invasion, and later manipulated three young Nemic, Khril among them, to attack Berinfell prematurely and, in that action, warn the Elves of the Nemic weaponry. A staunch pacifist, Dhrex attempted and failed to persuade Ghrell to drop the notion of attacking Berinfell, a counsel in which he was aided by his sister and Ghrell's wife Nhada.

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