All of Drefidkind lives with Elven cruelty burned into our minds.
―Mobius [src]

Drefids are one of the races of Allyra. Also called Children of the Night, all of the Drefids appearing in the trilogy are antagonists save for Sarron Froth, a defector who informed the Elves where the Drefids had taken the seven Elven Lords.

Description Edit

Drefids are tall, pale-skinned, and have dark eye hollows with burning white eyes. Their white hair appears to float on an invisible wind, and their blood is dark purple. The characteristic feature of a Drefid are the four razor-sharp claws which can extend and retract from their knuckles, around a foot long each. The claws can be mistaken for long fingers. Drefids can jump to amazing heights, easily clearing ten feet.

History Edit

Drefids served as The Spider King's ghoulish assassins in the battles against the Elves. They were staunch practitioners of the Dark Arts, and while empowered by those arts, they have amazing powers rivaled only by the birthright powers of the Seven Elven Lords. During the Age of Hiding, the Drefids in the Spider King's service hid the baby Elven Lords on Earth. Eight hundred years later in Allyra, which totals to thirteen years on Earth, they returned to hunt down the Elven Lords and kill them. In their guise, they generally wore sunglasses, fedora hats, and trench coats to hide their inhuman features.

List of Drefids Edit

The most notable Drefids include:

  • Asp Bloodthorne, a high-ranked Drefid in the Spider King's service
  • Sarron Froth, a Drefid who defected to the Elves and informed them of the Seven's whereabouts
  • Mobius, the Spider King's most decorated Drefid assassin

Other Drefids who play a smaller part are:

  • Lorex, Mobius's second-in-command
  • Tyrith, the Drefid high commander who died in the Fall of Berinfell
  • Bilec, the Drefid who marred the ears of the Seven Lords
  • Grehl, a Drefid warrior, marked by his high voice
  • Zirile, a Drefid console operator
  • Cyndred, a powerful wielder of the Dark Arts
  • Skax, a Drefid commander
  • Varlex, a console operator
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