Grundin Fel
Pronunciation: GRUN-din FEL
Gender: Male
Race: Gwar
Occupation: High Councillor

Grundin Fel was a member of the Elven High Council of Berinfell and the uncle of Niloth Fel. Though unnamed in the book, he died in the Spider King's assault on Whitehall Castle during the events of Venom and Song, and was first mentioned during The Tide of Unmaking.

Description Edit

Grundin Fel was the only Gwar member of the High Council, one of the Seven Elders alongside Manaelkin Zoar, Alwynn Belkirith, Naramyn Sunfire and Danhelm. Grundin had snowy white brows and a feathery white mohawk. Due to his age, he was not as bulky as the usual Gwar, but still looked very strong.

Appearances Edit

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