Gwar are grey-skinned, muscle-bound people, thick and burly. They are generally larger than Elves in size and strength.

Description Edit

With thick grey-toned skin, the Gwar are set apart from the other races of Allyra with their brutish strength.

History Edit

The Gwar are one of the Seven Highborn Races, along with the Elves, Drefids and others. For centuries, the races of the Stonechildren, as the Gwar are also known as, and the Sunchildren, the Elves, were at peace. However, the Elves began to get suspicious and wary that the Gwar might attack them, as the numbers of Gwar were increasing, and when the Gwar refused to help empty the Elf City Berinfell of snow in the Fell Winter, the Elves were angry and attacked the Gwar cities, enslaving their race. From that time on, Gwar could be bought and sold in the markets. And when the Elves decided to build a castle to keep watch over fields of valuable produce, the Gwar were used to cart the stone from a quarry leagues away. The Gwar called that road and the castle that lay at the end Fellmarch, after the Gwar who were driven and beaten to death on the long, long trek.
But not all of the Elves believed that the Gwar should be slaves. There were some among them that fought for freedom and the rights of the Gwar, and eventually the Elves declared an official release of all the Gwar slaves, requested apologies, and gave the Gwar gifts, money and land.
However, many of the Gwar still harbored a grudge against the Elves, and one specific Gwar, Palor Irethrall, broke away from the main nation with around two-thirds of the Gwar. They settled in Vesper Crag. And Palor Irethrall became known as the Spider King.

List of Gwar Edit

The most notable Gwar include:

Other Gwar include:

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