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Jett Green
Pronunciation: HAM-and-ur or ham-AND-ur
Year of Birth: 2223
Year of Death: 1422 (supposed)
Gender: Male
Race: Lyrian Elf (Nightwing Tribe)
Occupation: Elven Lord
Powers: Strength and healing
Other names: Hamandar Nightwing

Jett Green (also Hamandar Nightwing) is one of the Seven Elven Lords. During his 13 years on earth, he was a famous young football player and the adoptive son of Austin Green and Hazel Green. He enjoyed motocross racing and doing stunts on large hills. While doing a trick on a monster-sized hill,Jett was fatally injured and should have died. Thanks to his healing powers he recovered quickly. He also has unmatched strength. He died at the battle of Vesper Crag by laying down his life for Kiri Lee. Haha