Navira Hiddenblade
Year of Death: 1422
Gender: Female
Race: Berylinian Elf (Hiddenblade Tribe)
Occupation: Spider Queen
Powers: Mindreading
Other names: Navira Ravenpath
But before all has ended, I will make them remember my name. Navira will haunt their steps until the end of this age.
―Navira's diary [src]

Navira Hiddenblade (also Navira Ravenpath) was a Berylinian Elf who married a Gwar named Palor Irethrall. When Palor discovered the Drefid clans, he began experimenting with potions, poisons, relics and elements, and he tested his potions on Navira. On the verge of death, Navira survived only when Palor inoculated her with venom from the creatures who dwelled in the deep place of Vesper Crag, transforming her into a spiderlike monster. In the year 1443, Navira gave birth to Taeva Ravenpath prematurely, who had been conceived before Navira's inoculation and was thus unaffected by the venom. In secret, Navira sent her daughter away to Taladair through Asp Bloodthorne, while Palor, now the Spider King, used Navira to breed the Warspiders and other creatures. When he discovered that Navira's offspring did not share her power, he became furious, binding Navira with chains and witnessing her pain for his own pleasure. In the year 1422, the Spider King released Navira from her chains to set her upon the Elven Lords, but instead she bit him in the neck in order to kill him. However, her venom only changed the Spider King, transforming him into a more powerful version of her form, and the Spider King killed Navira by twisting her neck.

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