Razorfish are blind carnivores, a type of fish that lives in the Aquifers of Nightwish Caverns. They get their name from the sharp dorsal fin on their backs.

Description Edit

Razorfish are of a bulbous shape, with a large grey dorsal fin that is curved and membraned like a bat's wing. They have carnivore teeth, fins, and a tail, and are blind.

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Razorfish are one of the sightless predators that dwell in Nightwish's Aquifers. They are famed for their razor-like dorsal fin. In Venom and Song, razorfish emerge from the deep, summoned by the smell of Olin Grimwarden's wound, and cause danger for the Elves returning to Nightwish. Razorfish are cannibalistic, and will eat their own kind. Razorfish can feel changes in water current and temperature, and they can smell blood from a long distance away, similar to sharks. The dorsal fin on their backs is sharp enough to cut through leather armour and even light metal.

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