Sarron Froth was a Drefid assassin in the service of the Spider King who later defected to the Elves.

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"Then we are snared," Froth muttered. "Caught between the ancient curse of the Elves and the curse of the Spider King." (Curse of the Spider King, page 220)

Froth dies before the beginning of Curse of the Spider King. As such, his only onscreen appearance takes place in a flashback meeting under Vesper Crag where six Drefids, including Mobius, Bilec and Grehl, discuss the fate of the seven Elven Lords.

Some time after the Drefids abandoned the Elven Lords on Earth, Froth betrayed this information to the Elves and mapped out the portals held by the Spider King, allowing the Elven Sentinels and Dreadnaughts to infiltrate Earth and begin searching for their lost Lords. Alwynn Belkirith stated that in return the Elves gave Froth a place of friendship where he could die in peace.

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