Taeva Ravenpath
Pronunciation: tay-EE-va RAY-ven-path
Year of Birth: 1443
Gender: Female
Race: Elf/Gwar (3/4 Elven, 1/4 Gwar)
Occupation: Princess of the Taladrim; Elven Lord of the Ravenpath Tribe
Powers: Casting lightning

Taeva Ravenpath was the heir of King Silnoc and the Queen of the Taladrim, and was the birth daughter of Navira Hiddenblade and The Spider King. She had the ability to throw bolts of green lightning from her hands, and she was well-trained in dagger fighting.

Physical Description Edit

Taeva's skin was a marble grey colour, toned slightly with purple, pink and blue. Her eyes were dark, emerald green, and her hair the colour of dark chocolate and deep raspberry. Her hair was cut unevenly, with some locks reaching her pointed chin and others falling past her shoulders. Her ears were pointed, shaped a little like the wings of a raptor. She had broad cheekbones. Taeva's fingernails were long, and her voice was deep, but still feminine.

Background Edit

Warning. Spoilers or plot details follow.
Taeva was born in the year 1443 to Navira Hiddenblade and Palor Irethrall, The Spider King. Taken by Asp Bloodthorne to Taladair and adopted by King Silnoc of the Taladrim and his wife. Raised as the princess of Taladair, Taeva nonetheless knew who she was really born to, due to a diary that Navira had left with her. When she was twenty, Asp, who had taken over the rule of the deceased Spider King's army, destroyed Taladair by flooding the island, but she survived the destruction and traveled to the mainland with a few other Taladrim survivors. She sought help from the Elves to rescue their people trapped in the catacombs under the island, receiving it and traveling with the Six Elven Lords to Taladair. Rescuing the survivors, Taeva and the Elves then traveled to Thynhold Cairn to save the Saer from the hand of Asp, arriving in the middle of the battle between a remnant of Saer and the invisible army of the second Spider King. Taeva displayed her gift, the power to throw lightning, during the battle, which helped to change the outcome.
Taeva was voted to the position of the seventh Elven Lord after Jett's death in the attack on Vesper Crag seven years earlier, revealing to them that her mother, whom she did not name, was Elven. Later, Taeva and the Elves attacked the Drefid coven in the Iron Crown, entering a room full of portals and traveling to Earth. She left the other Elven Lords to confront Asp, who tried to lure her to his side. The Drefid lord ultimately failed when Taeva stabbed him in the side, puncturing a vital organ. Just before the disbandment of Asp's army, she took a vial of poison from Asp's fangs, bringing it with her back to Allyra. She journeyed to Vesper Crag, where her mother had last drawn breath, and there considered drinking the vial and becoming the most powerful of all.
At the end of The Tide of Unmaking, Taeva is the Eighth Lord of Berinfell of the tribe Ravenpath, beginning a new clan of Elves.

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