The Great Hall was the throne room of the Elven Lords. It was set in the Western Stronghold in Berinfell, and was also the place where the Elven Lords held court.

Description Edit

The Great Hall was a giant, magnificent white marble room that resembled an arboretum. Marble columns stretched to the high roof, and living trees grew inside the hall. Flowing water ran through artificial rivers into dappled pools around the wide chamber, and in the centre, seven tall white thrones on a dais faced the entrance. A white altar marbled with bright silver stood a few metres in front of the thrones. Magnificent stained-glass windows at the back of the Great Hall faced out into the main hall, an arched entryway connecting the two. More stained-glass windows gave light to the Great Hall.
On the side of the Great Hall beyond the thrones, there were two doors. One was an arched entryway leading to the Royal Chambers; the other was a hidden door. The wide stone wall to the left of the Royal Chambers was emblazoned with the etching of a full-sized tree, with a thick, tapering grey trunk, sprawling limbs, and a vast canopy of foliage. Seven leaves among the tree's foliage were in actuality buttons, which, pressed in the right combination, would open the way to Nightwish Caverns beneath the Thousand-League Forest.

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