The Lightning Fields was a vast plain directly to the west of Vesper Crag; the Dark Veil lay to the north, and the Southern Forest to the south. The Lightning Plains were constantly smothered in a shroud of heavy clouds, but also constantly lit by incessant lightning strikes which reached to the ground. Lava rivers flowed from the mountains where Vesper Crag lay, traversed the barren plains of the Lightning Fields, and poured into unseen chasms. In essence, the Lightning Fields barricaded any but the most determined from reaching Vesper Crag from the west. In the year 1422, the Lightning Fields underwent a massive change after the destruction of Vesper Crag; the power of the Rainsong dispersed the clouds, and a lake replaced the barren fields, boiling and steaming in places where lava and water met. In 1414 seven years later, the storm clouds and lightning had returned, but in much less quantity; only in the evenings did the storm clouds gather, and the Lightning Fields essentially lost their power as a barricade after the fall of Vesper Crag.

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  • In The Tide of Unmaking, the Lightning Fields were called the Lightning Plains.
  • According to Venom and Song, the Lightning Fields were patrolled by Gwar before the destruction of Vesper Crag.

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