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The Underground is an online forum for the Berinfell Prophecies. It consists of about 450 threads and has about 200 members. The types of threads of the UG are:

Writing Threads
Each user is allowed one writing thread, where he/she can post his/her writings.

Game Threads
Threads that have simple games, usually one user asking another a question. (Example: Have you ever...? Do you like...?)

Sticky Threads
Several threads that remain at the top of the Underground's home page, and don't move down.

Battle Threads
A battle thread is a roleplaying conversation between two or more Elves of The Underground. They consist of battles between the users, were you play by writing the scene of your character's view, in first or third person. Battles usually do not have a definite climax in sight.

Other Threads
Other threads could be: Favorite movies, favorite books, chat threads, randomness threads, and other for fun threads. 

The Sentinels are moderators of the Underground.


The Underground's nickname is "The UG".

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