The Warmantid was a creature in Vesper Crag, under the command of the Spider King. Although it managed to disable Johnny Briarman, it was killed by Tommy Bowman, who shot an arrow into its forehead.

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Able to blend into the dark stone of Vesper Crag, the Warmantid was massive, as large as a full-grown Warspider. Similar to a wingless Warfly in form, the Warmantid was described as having "a nest of clicking mandibles for a mouth". Like praying mantises, the Warmantid had a powerful appendage clasped to its upper chest with the strength to send an Elf into a backflip. Its eyes were bulbous, and unlike Warspiders, they were not the best targets for a bowman; a single arrow to the Warmantid's forehead killed it.

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  • The Warmantid was never named as a Warmantid in the book. The name is entirely conjectural.
  • Aside from the Warmantid in chapter 40 of Venom and Song, other creatures of this breed do not appear in the books.

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